Date: 25.10.2009
Day: 3 Flash No: 18
Special Stage: SS16, RHEOLA 2 Distance: 22.51 Km
Weather: Cloudy, strong winds, some rain
Road Conditions: Very slippery in places

1: Sébastien Loeb/Daniel Elena
“For sure it has been an incredible season. A very good start and then we lost everything in the middle of the year. I arrived here under big, big pressure but now I am really happy for this Championship. Mikko is really, really strong and I know that next year he will be even stronger. It is really an incredible feeling to win here.”

3: Mikko Hirvonen/Jarmo Lehtinen
“The bonnet pin was the last of our problems. To be honest I lost the rally yesterday when I could not get the speed but that’s life. We had the best performance ever up until then and I know for sure Seb has been under pressure from me all the way through. This was definitely the best year I have had but it has been a disappointing end. All I can do is try again next year.”

2: Dani Sordo/Marc Marti
“It has been a great day and a great Championship. I am really happy with today and delighted for Sebastien. I was pushing to keep ahead of Mikko but never mind, he held it together. What a rally!”

11: Petter Solberg/Phil Mills
“It has been a long journey but I am very pleased really. Maybe I should have done a bit more testing before the rally but to be honest the whole rally has been fantastic and thank you to Citroen for this opportunity. I try today to beat Sordo but it has been tough. Even so, I am happy. This weekend has been fantastic and I really hope to battle for the Championship next year.”

6: Henning Solberg/Cato Menkerud
“I have had a good season and I hope to be in the Championship next year.”

5: Matthew Wilson/Scott Martin
“It’s been a tough weekend and a frustrating day on Friday. The car hasn’t been great but yesterday was OK in the afternoon. We still don’t know fully about next year but hopefully we will be back and will keep the momentum from this year to improve even more. Potentially we could have had a few better results this year but overall it’s been a good year. Just a shame I couldn’t have driven better on this, my home event.”

4: Jari-Matti Latvala/Miikka Antilla
“It’s been a very character building weekend. We have had a few issues, both from the car and with my driving with silly mistakes. There have been more lows than highs this year but now I just want to forget about rallying for just a moment and focus on something else and get my head ready for 2010.”

8: Conrad Rautenbach/Daniel Barritt
“I’m just glad it’s over and glad everything worked out. I got a few points along the way but this really has been a tough event and very character building.”

16: Aaron Burkart/Michael Kolbach
“It was good fun but on the second last stage we were behind Ogier for 2km and we could not overtake. I was quite angry because I Iost concentration and went off and lost some time.

15: Khalid Al Qassimi/Michael Orr
“We hit a deer in that last stage and it damaged our radiator. Our engine temperature has gone through the roof. And then we got a puncture on this stage. But it has been a good season. We improve and made better pacenotes. Next year we will carry on making better progress.”

17: Steve Perez/Paul Spooner
“It’s been great and very tricky. It’s fantastic to beat Burkhart as he is a really top driver and I am totally over the moon beating another World Rally Car.”

39: Eyvind Brynildsen/Denis Giraudet
“What a weekend! Finally! It has been the best weekend of all my life. Everything is just perfect and I am so so happy. I have no idea what 2010 brings but I hope this rally and my success in Spain proves my potential – but it all depends on the money.”

47: Armindo Araújo/Miguel Ramalho
“It is great to finish second in Group N. Some trouble with the engine but we finish anyhow. These stages are very difficult but I am so happy to get to the end.”

31: Martin Prokop/Jan Tománek
“This year has not been very good for us. I lost some motivation after Argentina but for sure I would like to stay in WRC in 2010. Oh, and the eggs haven’t smashed in the back of the car!”

33: Toshi Arai/Glenn MacNeall
“We had difficult conditions but for us it was not easy to carry the speed. We find many problems with the car and I need to improve my driving style.”

64: Martin Semerad/Bohuslav Ceplecha
“It has been great in the Pirelli Star Driver project. I love happy endings!”

45: Patrik Flodin/Göran Bergsten
“We need to try to make another good season next year without problems. We really enjoyed this rally except Friday. This car is better in some rallies than the S2000 but I really hope to be back next year to show some more speed.”

63: Jarkko Nikara/Jarkko Kalliolepo
“Yes, the year has been good but not so much this rally. I am looking now to next year and hope to drive something good.”

48: Hermann Gassner Junior/Katharina Wuestenhagen
“When everything is working and we don’t have problems we are fastest. We have to analyse the small problems and put it all together. We want to go into the WRC in the S2000 cup for 2010.”

32: Bernardo Sousa/Jorge Carvalho
“Finally the season is over. We had a lack of oil pressure and had to drive carefully to get to the end. But we are here and the rally is over. It’s been emotional.”

65: Mark Tapper/Jeff Judd
“It has been an unbelievable opportunity this year so thank you to the FIA for the opportunuity. I have learned so much and have been given some amazing information and advice from Robert Reid and the whole Pirelli team. We only just made it back and if I don’t get a drive next year I will definitely be back for my home event in New Zealand.”

66: Dennis Kuipers/Kees Hagman
“I am very happy and the stage is very slippy. The supporters were amazing and we love the support that we got from all the Dutch fans that came over to cheer us on.”

37: Fréderic Sauvan/Sebastien Capanna
“It is very difficult, our first WRC Rally GB for me. Conditions were unbelievable and the Evo X was new to me too. It has been good!”

62: Jon Williams/George Gwynn
“OK, good final stage and we tried hard – you learn so much here. It has been a really great experience here.”

67: Mattias Therman/Janne Peräla
“Good, I enjoyed this rally. Last year I was a beginner and this time round I had the knowledge and it made it easier to enjoy.”

38: Gábor Mayer/Robert Tagai
“Power steering went again and we had a problem with the rear suspension. My arms are totally gone.”

73: Egon Kaur/Erik Lepikson
“Not a good rally for us. We are running under SupeRally rules, The tyres have no grip now and I am amazed to have got to the end with them.”

61: Nico Thomas/Angelos Loizides
“We had a good year and a good rally. It’s been an amazing experience for us.”

74: Trond Lyseng/Pål Iversen
“That was so much fun. I was pushing all the way. This event has a very special atmosphere but the weather was not so good.”

68: Rene Kuipers/Erwin Mombaerts
“A very nice rally, although there was a lot of changeable conditions and road surfaces. It is hard for an amateur but we are happy to finish. We will have a few beers to celebrate – or maybe more than a few beers!”

72: Wug Utting/Max Utting
“The milky bars are on me! I might have lost a few pounds – I should do this more often.”

83: Tomaz Kaucic/Peter Zorenc
“The car is back on three cylinders again but we made it to the end of the stage. There is a broken piston in there – I just hope we can get to the finish ramp.”

81: Patrick Anglade/Hans-Peter Loth
“Victory but not the title. We had a good season and it couldn’t have been better. We are very happy. Next year depends on the money – that’s the big problem.”

78: Paulo Nobre/Edu Paula
“We made it! We made it! Second run though was better as I had more confidence. I wanted to fulfil my dream by finishing here.

69: Peter Stephenson/Jim Burns
“It is nice to get here – it got a lot slippier on the repeat loop but we didn’t spin this time. Things have gone well today.”

79: Emre Yurdakul/Burak Erdener
“It’s OK for me because second here moves me up from fifth to third in the Championship. I kept the car clean and brought it home, and that’s what counts.”

76: Craig Breen/Gareth Roberts
“We have now won three Fiesta titles this year. I am speechless. My co-driver and the whole team behind me are fantastic. If we can get the budget together I might try and do as many WRC events in this machine as I can next year as it as a class act. It’s a privilege to be on the same stage as the WRC boys.”

77: Giuseppe Dettori/Marco Corda
“I am very, very happy now, with only a small problem with the gearbox today. It is a great feeling to finish.”

84: Bader Al Jabri/Stephen McAuley
“Rally GB is amazing. We are planning to come back next year. We have learned so much and hope to come here in a couple of years with a WRC car.”

70: Daniel Siguroarson/Andrew Sankey
“I am very happy today with a good run. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and after this weekend I will be the world’s strongest man.”

90: Sander Pärn/Ken Järveoja
“Very happy to make it here because its my first WRC event. It’s been very difficult for this little car at the end with the big stones on the stage, but it’s a fantastic feeling.”

95: Kit Leigh/Tim Leigh
“I am sure we have a flat on the back as it’s been twitching all over the place.”

80: Burcu Cetinkaya/Çiçek Güney
“We lost our brakes all day and we will have to put some brake fluid in to get us back to Cardiff.”

91: Siim Plangi/Marek Sarapuy
“We are in SupeRally today and it’s a real shame. My car is not suited to these stages in Britain.”

92: Mattei Loic/Julien Vial
“We finished and are very happy to complete this fantastic weekend.”

82: Davide Catania/Antonello Moncada
“Wrong tyres today with no grip so we had to take it easy.”

94: Kenneth Treacy/Martin Comerford
“That was rough but enjoyable – a bit like life!”

93: Jean-Thierry Vacheron/Sylvain Trombert
“Happy to finish with very hard stages. I kep thinking the car would slide out.”


201: Ewen Christie/Ross Cookman
“We are in third place here so that is equal first in the Championship overall. We shall have to see what we can do in Scotland.”

202: Steve Partridge/Adam Entwhistle
“A cracking event and I really enjoyed that last stage. We were quicker than the others first time through which must have put the wind up them because they then upped the ante.”

204: George Morrison/Curtis McKertie
“I am glad it’s all over. We hit a stone in that last stage and it almost finished us off!”

205: Duncan Lilwall/Craig Teasdale
“That was thoroughly enjoyable – what a weekend! We’re just so glad to be here. Totally shattered!”

206: Alan Paramore/Gari Hazelby
“I had to work hard through that. We had an off two corners towards the end but managed to hold it together. I am really pleased.”