Day:2Flash No:13
Special Stage:SS11 – CRYCHAN 2Distance:14.99 Km
Weather:Wind increased and temperature dropped
Road Conditions:Drying

1: Sébastien Loeb/Daniel Elena
Bonnet pod on ready for SS12, in a rush for SS12 time control.

3: Mikko Hirvonen/Jarmo Lehtinen
“I couldn’t go any quicker, Sebastian is really flying. Maybe I was just too cautious or lacking confidence earlier”

6: Henning Solberg/Cato Menkerud
“All ok”

11: Petter Solberg/Phil Mills
“Good run”

5: Matthew Wilson/Scott Martin
Fitting bonnet pod – “Good run, very happy”

2: Dani Sordo/Marc Marti
“Ok, no problems”

12: Sébastien Ogier/Julien Ingrassia
“Very, very slippy but no problems for us”

8: Conrad Rautenbach/Daniel Barritt
“Good stage, more slippery than first run and I didn’t think that was possible”

16: Aaron Burkart/Michael Kolbach
“We stalled in the stage and don’t know why but the car seems ok now”

15: Khalid Al Qassimi/Michael Orr
“We had a small impact at the front but the car feels ok, it hurt my wrists. Rough stage”

17: Steve Perez/Paul Spooner
“Good stage, no problems. Now we have fixed wipers, we don’t need them! Stage wasn’t too bad, I have been in rougher ones!”

39: Eyvind Brynildsen/Denis Giraudet
“We have a two minute buffer, so I am in safe mode now”

46: Patrik Sandell/Emil Axelsson
“We’re having a good afternoon, better than this morning when it was wet. We’re now having fun”

47: Armindo Araújo/Miguel Ramalho
“Caught Prokop in that stage. This is my first time in the Evo X so I’m happy so far!”

31: Martin Prokop/Jan Tománek
Changing tyres from front to rear

33: Toshi Arai/Glenn MacNeall
“Tricky in some parts, slippy in others, but finding grip now.”

64: Martin Semerad/Bohuslav Ceplecha
“That was a good stage. I have a time buffer in front and behind so I hope it stays that way. We are enjoying our first run in the UK and enjoyed Rhonda this morning”

65: Mark Tapper/Jeff Judd
“That was rough” (changing wheels around and the left front wheel was observed to be at an unusual angle.

67: Mattias Therman/Janne Peräla
“We hit rear of the car in stage, it was like a snow bank but harder”

45: Patrik Flodin/Göran Bergsten
“Its rough and I’m having to push. It was tricky in the rain this morning and we’ve now destroyed the rear guard”

50: Nasser Al-Attiyah/Giovanni Bernacchini
“We’re enjoying it, but focussing on staying in position. If I get one point it means third in the championship”

32: Bernardo Sousa/Jorge Carvalho
“I’m still not happy with car, its perfect except for the engine. It is one of those things”

66: Dennis Kuipers/Kees Hagman
“Good stage, but very rough in there and Tapper is flying”

61: Nico Thomas/Angelos Loizides
“So far so good, everything is ok, that was a smooth run”

74: Trond Lyseng/Pål Iversen
“The engine stopped in stage, I lost 20 seconds. There doesn’t seem anything wrong with the car, it just stopped and now is ok”

38: Gábor Mayer/Robert Tagai
“The power has gone again. Changed everything, I’ll look like Popeye soon!”

77: Giuseppe Dettori/Marco Corda
“Everything is ok” (still smiling)

48: Hermann Gassner Junior/Katharina Wuestenhagen
“Tricky with the ruts, I want to take my own line not the ruts, but we are still here!”

49: Giorgio Bacco/Nicola Arena
“Ok no problems”

72: Wug Utting/Max Utting
“Big clunk when braking, the track control arm has snapped. We didn’t hit anything it was just very rough.” (observed working on the car)

83: Tomaz Kaucic/Peter Zorenc
“I didn’t hit a rock that time, car is ok. I’m happy with our progress for our first gravel event. I’m going at a steady pace and letting everyone else make the mistakes”

81: Patrick Anglade/Hans-Peter Loth
“We bent a steering arm so had to back off and will have an uncomfortable time until we get to service”

71: Eamonn Boland/MJ Morrissey

78: Paulo Nobre/Edu Paula
“Tougher terrain this time. It is also hard to see in these dusky conditions, its not dark and not light”

69: Peter Stephenson/Jim Burns
“That was good, first proper run, trying to avoid ruts which you can’t always do. I get to use my lights now”

79: Emre Yurdakul/Burak Erdener
“In a hurry just had a puncture”

84: Bader Al Jabri/Stephen McAuley
“Looking forward to the first dark stage. The whole day one big learning curve, this is our first event in rain, our first event in mud and now our first in the dark! My co-driver impressed with the progress and we’re both enjoying it”

76: Craig Breen/Gareth Roberts
“We’re going to swap tyres from the front to the rear to try and get more grip. We’re still on target for the championship”

90: Sander Pärn/Ken Järveoja
“Everything is ok, we had to use our lights in there”

93: Jean-Thierry Vacheron/Sylvain Trombert
[Highly amused] “I can’t see anything with my glasses on and the lights on!”

87: Tom Cave/Craig Parry
“We’ve had a good few stages, setting fastest times in class. Now we’re struggling to commit in corners due to ruts”

82: Davide Catania/Antonello Moncada
Observed being towed out on tow rope, “Radiator went on start line”


206: Alan Paramore/Gari Hazelby
“The Land Rover is protesting now. The solenoid went on the previous stage and now the lights are flickering on and off”

205: Duncan Lilwall/Craig Teasdale
“That was good, no problems, very rutted but that’s how Land Rovers like it!”

201: Ewen Christie/Ross Cookman
“We’re in a hurry! The lights were not working but now we have two of four spot lights working”

203: Paul Wright/Tom Aldridge
“Badly rutted”

204: George Morrison/Curtis McKerlie
“Enjoyed that one, Worried about Land Rover 202 (Steve Partridge/Adam Entwhistle) as they were stopped in that stage and have been having electrical problems all day”

202: Steve Partridge/Adam Entwhistle
Observed driving out of the stage in a hurry!