Date: 24.10.2009
Day: 2 Flash No: 12
Special Stage: SS10, RHONDDA 2 Distance: 35.72 Km
Weather: Wet, cloud, strong winds
Road Conditions: Slippery, rutted, very deep puddles in places

1: Sébastien Loeb/Daniel Elena
“It was really tricky with big, big water splashes in the corners. I had to push but I am quite happy to be here.”

3: Mikko Hirvonen/Jarmo Lehtinen
“It wasn’t enough but that’s all I could do. I was absolutely on the limit. I’m not sure how much life the tyres have left in them. Some of the corners really caught me out and I was aquaplaning through some of them.”

11: Petter Solberg/Phil Mills
“I went in the ditch and had a very big moment and lost maybe 14seconds but it was a good run up until then!”

2: Dani Sordo/Marc Marti
“It didn’t rain too much in the stage but there are some really bad corners in there with a lot of water in the holes. I started well but lost some time to Petter.”

12: Sébastien Ogier/Julien Ingrassia
“It was a good drive second time through. The pacenotes are OK and the conditions are better than this morning. I was pushing quite hard in there, and there is more to come from me and the car.”

6: Henning Solberg/Cato Menkerud
“It is very slippery in there, not easy. I don’t know where I lost the time but the car is going well.”

5: Matthew Wilson/Scott Martin
“It’s quite slippy actually and in some corners the car really starts to slide. There seems to be a thin film of mud on the surface. That was a lot better this time through.”

8: Conrad Rautenbach/Daniel Barritt
“It is really rough in there now and it can get quite interesting in places. We spun in a big puddle of water right at the end and got stuck for a few seconds but I think we’re OK.”

4: Jari-Matti Latvala/Miikka Antilla
“Finally! I realise now what I have done wrong before and now I know what I have to do to go quicker.”

16: Aaron Burkart/Michael Kolbach
“We had a quite nice run there but it was quite slippy. At one point we had the front two wheels over the edge but the four wheel drive brought us back on the road again. We were lucky to escape. Our confidence is building now…”

15: Khalid Al Qassimi/Michael Orr
“We had an overshoot on a corner and stalled the engine. We are trying to go faster this afternoon.”

17: Steve Perez/Paul Spooner
“This time it was better, I could see where I was going. I thought there was something wrong with the car though – it was moving around so much, almost like it had a puncture. It was like driving on ice.”

39: Eyvind Brynildsen/Denis Giraudet
“No worries, no worries. The stage was OK with no problems. I tried to keep to a pace that I knew I could maintain with no mistakes.”

46: Patrik Sandell/Emil Axelsson
“It was good and I found a good feeling and balance with the car. Now both the power steering and the gearbox are working perfectly.”

31: Martin Prokop/Jan Tománek
“The eggs are doing quite well! (mechanics placed a tray of ten eggs in the rear of the car). Only four are broken, so that’s not bad for today!”

47: Armindo Araújo/Miguel Ramalho
“All is OK, although at the end of the stage it started raining a lot. We are four seconds behind Prokop, so we will see what we can do about that.”

33: Toshi Arai/Glenn MacNeall
“Very dirty everywhere. Not such a good run for us this afternoon.”

64: Martin Semerad/Bohuslav Ceplecha
“I lost a little time in the fast section because of the rain but I was quite pleased. We will try to go faster although this was even muddier and slippier than before.”

45: Patrik Flodin/Göran Bergsten
“After a couple of kms the windscreen started to steam up and we couldn’t see where we were going so had to slow down.”

50: Nasser Al-Attiyah/Giovanni Bernacchini
“Everything fine.”

66: Dennis Kuipers/Kees Hagman
“We were a minute quicker than this morning and I had much more feeling with the car.”

32: Bernardo Sousa/Jorge Carvalho
“We had a puncture for half the stage and lost a lot of time. Not happy.”

68: Rene Kuipers/Erwin Mombaerts
“We fighting the car a little and its a lot better. We have wipers as well now, so that’s good.”

65: Mark Tapper/Jeff Judd
“A lot rougher than we expected but the car felt not bad at all although it took a punishing and we’ve been smelling rubber so think we might have a puncture. Main thing is we are here.”

67: Mattias Therman/Janne Peräla
“That was good. At the start there was heavy rain and then it stopped. The surface is broken up but not too bad.”

74: Trond Lyseng/Pål Iversen
“It was more fun than the first time. We had big rain at the start but it was very localised.”

61: Nico Thomas/Angelos Loizides
“Things are going good and getting better. We are enjoying the rally and are getting experience.”

48: Hermann Gassner Junior/Katharina Wuestenhagen
“The guy in front blocked us for the last two kms so we couldn’t go any faster. More difficult this afternoon for us.”

77: Giuseppe Dettori/Marco Corda
“The car is working really well and we are happy.”

38: Gábor Mayer/Robert Tagai
“I had no power steering again, really hard work in there today.”

49: Giorgio Bacco/Nicola Arena
“Nothing new to report. We will be putting our full lights on later.”

72: Wug Utting/Max Utting
“All good, that run through was much better though.”

83: Tomaz Kaucic/Peter Zorenc
“I am getting sick of this kind of road. Can we go on to tarmac please! The car is driving itself through these ruts. It’s crazy. Finishing is the main point of this whole event.”

81: Patrick Anglade/Hans-Peter Loth
“The stage is in really bad condition now. It is very rough, with many rocks and holes. But we have to save the car.”

78: Paulo Nobre/Edu Paula
“That was fantastic. I try to imagine I am driving in Brazil and forget I am in one of the biggest rallies in the world. That gives me more self confidence.”

79: Emre Yurdakul/Burak Erdener
“Good, no problems. Not so rough as I expected.”

69: Peter Stephenson/Jim Burns
“It’s getting bloody rough in there now. You have to keep on the edge of the ruts to avoid going into those big puddles.”

84: Bader Al Jabri/Stephen McAuley
“We had to stop several times because the marshals were dealing with an accident in the stage.”

80: Burcu Cetinkaya/Çiçek Güney
“I am exhausted. But all is going OK.”

70: Daniel Siguroarson/Andrew Sankey
“That was one hell of a stage. Very rough and we hit a massive rock and it bent the steering. I will finish this rally, bloody hell I will!”

95: Kit Leigh/Tim Leigh
“We are trying to look after the car in these ruts. There are so many cars off in there, it’s hard to concentrate

87: Tom Cave/Craig Parry
“We changed the gearbox at service as we lost 4th gear. It’s hard to commit in these stages with the ruts, but generally I am happy.”

90: Sander Pärn/Ken Järveoja
“The feeling was very good and I like the road. It is very rough but there are some nice corners.”

93: Jean-Thierry Vacheron/Sylvain Trombert
“Good but some rocks!”

82: Davide Catania/Antonello Moncada
“That’s the first stage we have done with no problems. The rev limiter was coming in at 4000 yesterday instead of 8000, so we are a lot happier that we can get more power out of the engine.”


206: Alan Paramore/Gari Hazelby
“It kept cutting out in the middle of the stage, solenoid problems I think.”

205: Duncan Lilwall/Craig Teasdale
“We were quicker than than the morning stage so we must be doing something right.”