Sebastien Loeb
Mikko Hirvonen
Dani Sordo

Q: Seb, let’s talk about the opening stage this morning because Mikko really closed the gap. How were you feeling after that?
SL: I feel happy! Mikko was faster than me in the morning event and I worried that I would lose my position. But then I got a really good feeling in the car and good grip and drove flat out for the rest of the day and set some good times.

Q: Is 30secs enough going into four stages tomorrow?
SL: It is OK, but I know it all starts again tomorrow. Mikko is still fighting that’s for sure.

Q: Mikko, it started so well for you this morning and then Seb started taking more time out of you. At the end of day two, how are you feeling?
MH: I am disappointed, especially after a great fight yesterday. It started well this morning and then I don’t know what happened. I lost my rhythm in the car and I don’t know. It was not a good feeling.

Q: It’s a big day tomorrow with 80kms without a Service. We hope for dry conditions tomorrow and it’s not over yet. Is it?
MH: All I can hope for is some really bad weather tomorrow. I want heavy rain and lots of fog on the stages (“even snow?” jokes Loeb). Just bring me all the sh*te you can in there! (lots of laughter).

Q: Dani, in third position at the end of the day. A really strong day for you. Can you hold onto third? Petter is not far behind…
DS: Petter will push very hard tomorrow because he wants to be on the podium, but I will try to push more than him!

Q: How tough has it been out there this weekend?
DS: Really tough! It is also very nice to drive in this because the car is moving all the time and it’s very slippery with the rain. It’s different but also it gives you a nice feeling.

Q: Finally to you Seb, what will be your approach tomorrow? Can you take it easy?
SL: In this rally you can never take it easy because if you do, you lose your rythm and immediately you lose a lot of time. I will try to start with a good pace and then we will see.


Oliver Quesnel, Team Manager, Citroën Total World Rally Team

Q: Olivier, what are your thoughts about the final day tomorrow?
OQ: Nothing is done yet, 30 seconds is a lot, but it is also nothing. Both Mikko and Ford have nothing to lose, so I am sure they will push and he will be flat out again tomorrow. Obviously it is good to have 30 seconds with only 80 kilometres to run, but the first stage tomorrow will be maximum attack. Port Talbot is a very technical stage and we will push a lot. If he wins, it will be his 54th victory which is remarkable when the next person is Carlos Sainz on 26.
Six cars in the top ten is a bonus and nice but we will focus on Sebastien. The remarkable thing about Sebastien is that he is really strong in his mind and still as determined as ever but he remains as straight forward as when he began. He has no big head, but hates to lose.
Citroën will be rallying for a long time. It is part of our culture and although we are committed until the end of 2011; we would not stop with a new car after one year. Tomorrow will be 100%, no more than 100%.”
When asked about the rumours of Citroën running Kris Meeke, Quesnel responded: “I am investing in Ogier, I think Ford should look at Meeke.”

(The finish will be attended by senior management from Peugeot Citroen: Philippe Varin, Chairman of the PSA Peugeot Citroën Managing Board, Jean-Marc Gales, Executive Vice President of Automobiles Citroën, Frédéric Banzet, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Europe, PSA Peugeot Citroën Group)

John Fleming, Executive Vice President, Chairman, CEO, Ford of Europe

Q: What engine will you use in the 2011 Fiesta World Rally Car?
JF: “We are not totally decided yet. It will depend on what the FIA regulations decree, but it will be very nice if we have more manufacturers join the series as ourselves and Citroën have shown faith.”

Q: Will you run an EcoBoost engine?
JF: “That’s still to be decided. We can’t brand the engine until the regulations have been decided.”

Q: Any comments on your current position within the rally?
JF: “Thats rallying, if you knew you were going to win every time, there would be no competition. I feel sorry for Mikko as he has worked so hard, but there is another day and maybe tomorrow something will intervene”